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Welcome to Economía y Regiones S.A.'s Website, an Argentinean consulting firm specializing in Economics, Finance, Public Administration and Regional Development in Argentina.

Here you will find an in-depth analysis of Argentinean political, economic and financial situtation, and you also have the possibility of retaining our wide-ranging consulting services.

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The mainstay of modernization and sustainable growth in Argentina today lies in both improving the efficiency of the public sector and furthering regional development. In this respect, Economía y Regiones S.A. provides tax and financial services and training to public administration officials and staff; conducts technical audits; and supports the planning, implementation and follow-up of government policies, as well as the implementation of strategic plans for local and regional development.

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Moreover, in our capacity as responsible managers of the Trustee Fund for Provincial Development (Fondo Fiduciario para el Desarrollo Provincial), a program for privatizing provincial state-run banks, we took part in the successful privatization of 17 provincial banks.

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